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Florian Lems, founder of Optimistic Impact.

Hello, I'm Florian. I support companies and organizations in communicating their actions for a better world. And to strengthen their brand through honest and solution-oriented communication.





You have big plans. And you wonder: How can I communicate the values and goals of my company or organization? This is where I come into play.



Never stop learning. Do you think so too? Then we should talk. I support you & your team in your professional development.



Do you have big plans? I support you: in the development of your communication or brand strategy, in the creation of an effective PR concept and, if desired, in its implementation. My approach of honest, optimistic communication gives you the tools you need to have a high impact on your target groups.


I support you and your team every step of the way. From planning to training to crisis communication.

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Strategic communication

How does your company, your organization contribute to a better world? Based on this question, we develop an impact strategy with which you can position and strengthen the brand sustainably through honest, solution-oriented communication.

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PR consulting

Are you planning a communication initiative and need help? Let's talk! I develop a concept for your push, plan your press conference and support ongoing media work.

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ESG communication

Is your company fit for the Green Deal? In order to avoid greenwashing, reporting on sustainability topics will be strictly regulated in the future, for example through the planned EU Green Claims Directive. I support you in adapting your communication to the new EU guidelines.

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Optimistic Workshop

Courage + optimism = impact. According to this principle, we develop narratives that give your company or organization's communication a new boost.


Never stop learning. Do you think so too? Then we should talk. As a qualified trainer, I support you and your team in your professional development.

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Media training

How do I prepare for an interview? What is the difference between an interview and a sound bite? How do I deal with difficult questions? In this training you will prepare specifically and professionally for your next media appearance and practice in front of the camera. You benefit from my many years of experience. Can be booked individually or for teams.

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Writing & Video

Are you at a loss for words? Then the Optimistic Writing Workshop is for you. You will rediscover the joy of writing and along the way you will learn a few useful tools that will support you in the creative process for digital and analogue writing. We explore text types, experiment with story elements, refine format modules and make our content “snackable”. We consider what makes a title, intro or a caption good. And try it ourselves. You'll go home from this workshop with lots of style tips and story tricks - and you'll find out what George Orwell had to do with it. (Note: This workshop is offered in German.) In the Mobile Video crash course you will learn how to create short videos quickly and efficiently with your smartphone. You will learn basic recording techniques, write a mini concept and edit your video yourself - directly on your phone.

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If you have a lot to say you should be able to tell stories well. Because stories touch people and they create a bigger impact. That's not only scientifically proven - thousands of years of human history also show this. From the campfire to the digital revolution. In this workshop you will get the tools for your storytelling. We explore narrative models, experiment with plots and discover unexpected heroes. We practice the ladder of storytelling and get to know the most important elements for digital storytelling. I'll show you how you can communicate even difficult topics through solution-oriented storytelling - and create an optimistic impact. Above all, you will rediscover the joy of telling stories. The workshop is ideal for communications and marketing teams.

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Crisis communication

The question is not whether there will be a crisis. But if you are prepared for it. This training is aimed specifically at PR and communications teams and provides tools and strategies for dealing with crises. From prevention and preparation to the phases of crises, you will get to know your options for action in the event of shitstorms etc. - and use them. You will learn how to create a crisis plan and how AI can help you. You will learn what is important during the crisis and how and when to inform your stakeholders. And you'll learn how you can learn from mistakes. If desired, the training can be supplemented by a crisis simulation.

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Communication with heart and attitude. This sums up my professional journey in a nutshell. It took me from the editorial offices of several media companies to crisis areas around the world. I've developed communication strategies, produced magazines and planned campaigns. As Director of Communications, I was responsible for the positioning of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Austria.


The most important lesson from all of this: courage pays off. Optimism too.

And that's why I founded Optimistic Impact. Because I believe that a more livable, fairer world is possible. And honest communication plays a crucial role on the way there. That's why I support companies and organizations that make a contribution to change. And look for ways to convey their commitment through sincere, solution-focused storytelling.

Florian Lems




How can I help you?

Please feel free to get in touch by email, using the contact form or via LinkedIn.

Florian Lems


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